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Crystal Guidance

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As part of her crystal therapy shazia can programme a nd charge crystals for all aspects of life and conditions needing healing and balancing from protection from negative energies to love reunions to fertility issues.

Crystal are sold in different forms from jewellery (bracelets,pendants,etc),pyramids/wands and much more. The client is guided to work with the crystal simply

by holding it in the hand and meditating on it regularly to setting up an ekaborate and complex crystal grid in order to attract ones dreams and manifest goals and desires along with a simple intention setting ritual.

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Hi everyone

Today I am sharing some of my magical crystals from my Crystal collection which I use with the Reiki/Energy healing and Crystal Therapy as a separate healing modality where I prescribe one or more crystal/s for you to work with to bring about transformation in your emotional condition and therefore in your physical reality or a change in your perception of the challenging or "negative" situation. These Gems come in all shapes, sizes and different forms of jewellry. I work with you to find out what your problem, health conditions, dis-ease, goals, and desires are and then I cleanse, programme and charge the crystal/s most beneficial to your specific need/s. These are Power Gems and when magnetised in various ways can be a catalyst for change and improvement in your state.

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